03 Guess2Earn

G2E is a one-click price anticipation.

XRADERS launched the G2E feature to enhance community activation and entertainment.

Players earn win rate, all recorded on-chain, making it impossible to forge. Therefore, each player’s win rate calculated through the G2E will act as a unique and important metric within the XRADERS.

Based on players' activities in the app, they can also earn rewards and enhance their trading skills while engaging in friendly competition within the community.

The Unique Challenge of XRADERS' G2E

  • Percentage-Based Predictions: Unlike typical binary options, XRADERS challenges players to predict whether a cryptocurrency will reach a certain percentage change. This approach demands a deeper market understanding and strategic foresight.

  • Blockchain-Backed Transparency: Every prediction and outcome is immutably recorded on the blockchain, ensuring integrity and fairness in the gaming process.


  • Real-Time Crowd Sentiment Insights: It offers real-time crowd sentiment, reflecting the predictions of a diverse community of traders. It is unique to XRADERS and provides immediate insights into market dynamics in responding to fast-changing market conditions.

  • Gamification Element: The interactive and engaging nature of the game fosters active participation, creates a sense of community, and motivates players to participate in a fun and competitive way.

  • User-Friendly Learning: G2E makes it accessible to players of all levels. Its user-friendly UI/UX allows players to grasp market insights without the need for extensive knowledge quickly.

  • Trustworthy on-chain Recording: On-chain recording for all prediction data guarantees the reliability of players, building trust among them.

Advantages of the Percentage-Based Approach

  • Alignment with Real-World Trading: This method mirrors actual trading scenarios more closely than time-bound predictions, requiring a more sophisticated level of market analysis.

  • Skill and Insight over Luck: XRADERS emphasizes the importance of genuine trading skills and market insight by focusing on percentage changes, setting a new bar for trading expertise.

Why Price of BTC Important?

The price of BTC holds paramount significance in the cryptocurrency scene as it serves as a benchmark for the entire digital asset market. Traders, asset holders, and enthusiasts closely monitor BTC's price as it influences market sentiment and decisions.

The BTC market is determined by a combination of supply and demand forces, technological developments, macroeconomic factors, and etc. Additionally, traders' psychology plays a vital role in shaping BTC's price as fear, greed, and speculative behavior impact short-term price fluctuations.

Understanding these dynamics is essential for navigating the crypto market and forming effective trading strategies.

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