5.2 Earn & Use

How to Earn $XR

  • G2E Rewards

    • Weekly Top Performers: Rewarding the top 500 users on the weekly leaderboard with $XR tokens.

    • Special Challenges: Introduce time-limited challenges or quests within the platform, where users can earn $XR by completing specific tasks or reaching certain milestones.

  • Community Rewards

    • Content Creation: Rewarding users for creating high-quality, platform-related content such as blog posts, videos, or tutorials that help onboard new users or enrich the community's knowledge.

    • Active Community Participation: Earning $XR for engagement in social events or campaigns on platforms like Telegram and X.

    • Engagement and Contribution: Reward users for valuable contributions such as helpful advice, insightful analysis, bug report, or active moderation roles.

  • Expert Player Rewards

    • Performance-Based Incentives: Distribution of tokens on the correct market insights

    How to Use $XR?

    • Governance Voting

      • Ecosystem Decisions: $XR holders can participate in vital ecosystem decisions, impacting protocol fees, marketing strategies, and more.

    • Casting a Vote

      • Voting Mechanism: Stake $XR to vote to gain voting power and vote for preferred experts in the Expert Curation Voting System.

    • Access to Premium Features

      • Special Round Price Prediction: Users can purchase Special Round Tickets using the native platform currency $XR to participate in exclusive price prediction rounds other than $BTC, adding an elite layer to the gaming experience.

      • Early Access to New Features: Give premium users early access to new games, trading features, or updates before they are rolled out to the general user base.'

      • Auto Follow Trading Users can access exclusive features like following the trades of Expert Players and AI Bots.

    • Advertisement Payment

      • Promotion by Expert Players: Expert Players can use $XR tokens to advertise their profiles, attracting followers for the XR Follow Trading feature. This creates a dynamic marketplace where reputation and success drive visibility.

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