07 Roadmap

At XRADERS, we have carefully laid out a roadmap that outlines our strategic approach to achieving our mission and vision.

Q2 2023: Introduction of Guess2Earn

  • Launch of Guess2Earn for Bitcoin price prediction

  • Combines entertainment with practical crypto trading insights

Q3 2023: Leaderboard and Rewards System

  • Implementation of a competitive leaderboard in the G2E.

  • Rewards in CLX tokens for active players

  • Boost in on-chain transaction data for ecosystem robustness

Q4 2023: Community Engagement and Knowledge Sharing

  • Advanced leaderboard tracking for expert players

  • Referral program initiation to expand the user base

Q1 2024: GTM - Beginning of Genesis Airdrop

  • Start of Genesis Airdrop: (Jan-Mar 2024), distribution in April

  • Launch of Daily Check-in feature

  • Upgrade in Referral program

Q2 2024: User-driven Voting System and XP Airdrop

  • Launch of Expert Voting System

  • New XR Usecase: Guess2Earn Special Round

  • Guess2Earn Win-Streak challenge

  • Introduction of Expert Badge system

Q3 2024: Launch of Expert Feed

  • Launch of Expert Insight Feed

  • Expert leaderboard renewal

Q4 2024: Introduction of XR Trading

  • Enhanced user interface and real-time market analytics

  • Introduction of 'XR Trading v1.0'

  • Integration with cryptocurrency exchanges

Q1 2025: Strategic Expansion and Community Engagement

  • Auto-invest feature

  • Community trading contest

  • New community leveling system

Q2 2025: AI Curation and WEB3 Identity

  • AI Expert insight curation

  • Implementation of Digital Identity

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