04 Voting System

Decentralized Voting System

The Decentralized Voting System stands as a foundation feature within the XRADERS ecosystem, embodying our commitment to empowering users with the tools necessary for informed decision-making.

Implementing a community voting system to curate experts ensures decentralization and fairness. We can operate autonomously, driven and sustained by community input over external or centralized control.

  • Immutable Voting Records: Voting backed by blockchain records ensure fairness and foster a sense of trust among all involved.

  • Community driven Empowering Users: The Decentralized Voting System empowers users by democratizing the process of expert curation. Through active participation in the voting process, users gain a sense of ownership and agency in shaping a self-sustaining community where users collectively contribute to the curation of trusted experts.

As experts get more votes, their analysis content gets more exposure and they can have more monetization opportunities.

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