4.1 User Scenario

Becoming an Expert Player:

1) Actively participate in the G2E on XRADERS

2) Attain a win-rate to qualify as an Expert Player

3) Enhance in-app influence by getting more vote by voters

4) Receive rewards based on the correct insights

What is Expert Player?

In the XRADERS platform, Expert Players are the epitome of trading mastery, distinguished not just by their success but by the method of their achievement. The Expert Players are more than just successful traders; they are strategists who excel in a unique challenge of market prediction. This not only sets a new standard for trading expertise on our platform but also aligns closely with the skills required in real-world cryptocurrency trading.

Engagement as a Voter:

1) User stake to get voting power

2) Voters vote for experts based on their previous performance

3) Experts’ insights get more exposure

4) Receive rewards for curating correct expert insights

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